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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
his movement, avg return game, abysmal approach shots and volleys and pedestrian bh tell me he probably wouldnt have won a wimby in the 90's.

unless he managed to serve an ace one first and second serve and on the return.
when playing well, roddick actually moved decently on grass, quite a bit better than he's given credit for .....

his approach shots are abysmal in general, but not so during wimbledon 09 ...his volleys are actually ok, its the approach shots that are the problem ...

his BH wasn't that good in general, but he was hitting hit darn well in wimbledon 09 ....

his return normally isn't good, but he was returning pretty well in wim 04 for example ... he broke federer 4-5 times in the final for instance ...
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