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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
An interesting thing to wonder is who is really a better player, Novotna or Shriver. Breaking down their games:

Serve- I would go with Shriver
Forehand- Novotna by alot
Backhand- Novotna by alot as well, even if both sucked passing off this side
Movement- Novotna by alot
Volleys- Err, not really sure, a toss up really
Overhead- Shriver, Jana missed alot of smashes when she got nervous
Intangibles- Shriver, stronger nerve, smarter player

Shriver's poor ground game and movement was too easy to exploit for a really good player, she almost had to come in on the 2nd shot off each point as she was that hopeless from the baseline vs a tough oppopnent, so probably still Jana overall, but it is close, and their main strengths, Shriver is superior in most.
As usual, you are spot on. I do regard Jana as a smart player, but Pam's tennis brain and nerve is better. One of the smartest tactics that Shriver used so well was when she recognized a sliced approach coming towards her she would step in and volley the approach shot away before the netrusher could get into position. Very few players could do this well consistently. It's a tactic that would've helped Jana.

I would give the edge on the volley to Jana. There would be no doubt on that if Jana's grip didn't prevent her from hitting a true down the line forehand volley.
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