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Originally Posted by barringer97 View Post
Tough day today. My daughter go so upset hitting serves that she threw her racket (it slipped out following through when she was over hitting ****edoff) and hit her 3 year old brother in the face and gave him a black eye.

She is extremely mentally strong and has some sort of OCD. We can't leave the court until she does it right (almost perfect) and she freaks out when there's a ball in the net.

What a **** show. I've never been so ****ed off.
Give a firm warning this time , next time she gets really upset make her 'walk' stairs not run about 50 to 60 x this should crack her if that doesnt work since she has been warned ,walked stairs next is a good old fashion butt whoopin the ultimate 'wake up and smell the coffee'! All those on here that will say that will teach violence dont listen it is obvious she is already shows the tip of the iceberg with the perfection -anger issue .

Been there been through this , best to you and your child !

Anger is violence being restrained but soon will express itself !!!!!

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