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Hey MIke...
I"ve been in PuertoRico for the last 2 weeks, another week coming.
Will be back on the 6th of Jan.
I live in SanPablo, just E of Richmond, and usually play noon pickup doubles at RoseGarden in Berkeley at Eunice and Euclid.
But lately, the good player's drifted away, so have been going to SanPabloPark at Oregon and a couple blocks E of SanPabloAve. in Berkeley...better pickup players.
My cell is 510=902=1702 I think, since I've never called it.
Will be great to hit or play. I'm a strong 4.0 in strokes, but have ankle problems and run like an old fart...hopping off my left foot like a hobbler. But I can play singles or doubles no problem.
I'll recall this post when I get home. Hope to hit with you and get something going.
Domond Lee
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