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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
My father in law has an old Wimbledon All Pro (I think that's the name, it is an oversize POG like). He's been suffering some arm troubles (not necessarily because of tennis as he seldom plays now) and I think adding a soft replacement grip might help; The problem is that handle is HUGE: about 4 1/2 WITHOUT ANY GRIP! I guess that's how racquets were back then. All he can do is wrap an overgrip, wich doesn't help much with balance and comfort.
My qyestion is: I'd love to get my hand on that racquet and try to reduce the gripsize by sanding the handle or replacing with pallets, but he probably would never agree. Has anyone taken the buttcap off to see how the inside of the frame looks like, so I can have a clue on what's the best approach and convince him to let me do some radical customizations on his racquet? Any pics? (specs of that frame would be nice too)
Id recommend using a soft string at low tension.

If you really want to modify the grip, Im not sure of the base, but since he does not to depart with his racket, get him a NOS Bosworth model from the TW treasures and try to modify it:
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