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Sorry for the late posting but snow & the lack of competitive hitting have kept me off the courts aside from giving lessons.

Gauge: 16

Tension for playtest: 50 lbs
Tension (normal): 50 or below

Regular string set up: Honestly I change strings almost every string job but 90% of the time Syn Gut in low tensions.

Racquet: Boris Becker V1 OS.

Power: I Found it to be a little lacking in power for me, which was similar to regular Cyclone, which I too found to be a little under-powered.

Feel: A little better feel than the last string I had in this specific racquet which was Volkl Cyclone 16, but nothing earth-shattering.

Comfort: I play with 2 hands on both sides so comfort is never an issue.

Control: No issues keeping the ball in even at a lower tension. Control is my strongest point, so it did nothing to change it either way.

Spin: I'm a firm believer that technique is much more important than a string for spin, that being said, I didn't notice any difference in spin from the Cyclone to the Cyclone Tour.

Durability: I'm not much of a string breaker unless you get up into the 18 syn guts, but after about 4 hours of hitting with it, no fraying, no movement.

Playability: It just seemed to be lacking any 'oomph' to it even at a lower tension. Just not a crisp enough string.

Tension recommendations: I'm going against what almost everyone else on here suggestions. I say keep it low if you have no issues with control & need a little more power.

Compare to string used most: I tend to use Syn Gut in most of my racquets, cheap stuff no less---& I just didn't find anything superstar about it which would make me change to a co-poly permanently. I find Genesis Hex to be far superior in each & every category which I usually add in my string rotation.

I have used the original Cyclone & to me there wasn't any noticeable differences that would make me choose 1 over the other. I wasn't wowed by either.
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