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Default Volkl Cyclone Tour 17ga playtest


Tension-60lbs on my lockout

Regular string-currently testing out different strings

Racquet-Yonex Vcore 100 customized

Power-medium power, adequate for a poly, became more powerful after a couple of hours. I strung this higher due to everyone stating how powerful a poly this was but at 60lbs initially this string played well and I had no issues with control.

Feel-muted,crispy, sort of plastic-like, not harsh though. No issues stringing with kinks but it had some serious coil memory right out of the package.

Spin-a good textured string, sent ball fuzz flying through the air with big cuts I would put it right up there with some of the higher end textured strings as far as capable spin production.

Comfort-decent for a full bed of poly, similiar to strings like alu rough where the texture actually softens the strings feel a bit.

Durability-non issue, cut the strings out at the 4 hr mark. They were notched pretty well and would have probably lasted a few more hrs before breaking, I typically cut out full poly beds anyhow at 5-6 hrs playing time for me about 2 weeks.

Playability Duration- 3 hours. The performance took a nose dive around this mark, became more powerful and found the control to be lacking.

Control- really good control with all spin shots, top and slice came off the racket nice & predictable within the first 3 hours, at and around this time I sent a few flyers long and lost some accuracy on serves.

Tension recommendations- I stay around the 52-58lb range typically with full poly in 100" frames depending on a strings stiffness. I could have come down 2-3lbs with the Cyclone Tour and this could have possibly helped with the strings playable duration.

Comparability to other strings- I found this string matched up well in comparison to other textured strings. I will throw out there that to me there was some similiarities with alu rough as far as the muted, dampened feel and spin. It lacked alu's thick feel and awesomeness though. The playability just did not last long enough, so I doubt I will stock it due to other cheaper options that I prefer.

I have not tried the original Cyclone,yet.

Thanks TW and Volkl for the opportunity and Happy New Year!
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