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Originally Posted by powerangle View Post
Personally for me, Serena would have to win 25 singles major to be considered the greatest. Not because I believe Court's 24 majors necessarily holds a lot of weight....but that way, at least Serena would be leading in one significant objective category (aside from H2H), even though she'd be lacking in other objective categories (weeks @#1, total number of titles, etc). Subjectively her game may be the greatest ever...but if she can reach that magical number of 25 for slam titles, she'd be the greatest for me.
First of all, there's no way she's going to win 25 slams at the current stage of her career. Even to reach 10 more slam finals is a stretch, let alone win them all. Second, even if she miraculously managed to win 25 slams there's always be people out there to dispute her goat. See Federer...he holds the record with 17 slams and some people always have unreasonable argument to knock him down. And unlike Serena, Fed owns many significant records, not just the most important one(total slams).

Originally Posted by powerangle View Post
If Serena "only" reaches 18 majors, or 20 majors...then she still wouldn't be leading any objective category (even though her game may be most dominating). And I'm using the slam titles as the objective category for her, since that's the one she's most likely to achieve. Any other objective category is impossible for her reach at this point, while there is a very slight chance she can still manage the singles majors record.
True, she wouldn't be leading in any other stats. The total titles and ranking is out of the question.

Originally Posted by powerangle View Post
It's a stretch at this point to say she will reach 25. It's doable, but quite a stretch. Let's see what the next few years bring.
No it's not doable at the age of 31. If she was in her early 20s that's another story.

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