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Does more wrist flexibility help ANY of your related.
Say one of your wrists bends backwards only about 45 degrees. The other bends backwards close to 90, so that one can allow you to do a pushup.
Does the 45 degree bending wrist inhibit any of your strokes?
In my case, a little. Very little.
My left wrist bends back 45 degrees max. My serve is average hard for a 63 year old, getting into the lowest 100's on flat first serves.
Groundies might have less "point the handle to the ball", but groundies are stronger than most any 4.5's from the forehand side.
Volleys are easily adaquate. 4.5 to 5.0 level volleys from a 4.0 level singles player....can't blame volleys.
So what's the drawback to a wrist without flexibility? Can't do a pushup.
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