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Honestly even with 25 majors it's not really to the point that Serena is clearly the best ever. Graf has 22 majors, a Grand Slam (very important) and 107 tournaments won. Court has 24 majors, also a Grand Slam and over 200 tournaments won.

Let's say Serena somehow ends up with 25 majors and 70 total tournaments won. Does it compare with Graf's 22 and 107 or Court's 24 and 200 with both winning Grand Slams? Doubtful unless Serena won several Grand Slams. Then it's feasible in my mind.

Right now Serena has only 46 tournaments won. Winning another 24 is a big stretch as well as winning 10 more majors. Remember she's past 30 so you have to figure someday you will see some decline. Even though with Serena because she hasn't played as much as many you figure she may have less wear and tear overall.

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It's a stretch at this point to say she will reach 25. It's doable, but quite a stretch. Let's see what the next few years bring.
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No it's not doable at the age of 31. If she was in her early 20s that's another story.
Incidentally TMF, just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean its not possible. It's highly improbable but not impossible. Perhaps Rosewall would be the closest to winning many majors after age 31. I will check the stats for Rosewall. It must be from 1966 onward. I agree with you. I don't think Serena will get that many majors to reach 25.

Edit-Even Rosewall only won five total majors from 1966 onward. He won the French Pro in 1966, the French Open in 1968, the US Open in 1970, the Australian in 1971 and 1972. There were several boycotts but I doubt if Rosewall would have won five majors to make ten after age 31 anyway. I suppose if you count WCT in 1971 and 1971 which essentially was a major you could argue he won seven majors after age 31 but I wouldn't count them for the purposes of this thread.

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