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Gauge of playtest string - I received the 17 g set which is the normal gauge I use.

Tension used for playtest - I took the TW recommendation and strung it 3 pounds higher (60) than my normal 57. After hitting, I would have strung it higher 5-7 pounds more than normal.

Regular string set up - I have used volkl cyclone in the past as my normal string, but I have been using Solinco outlast 17g at 57#.

Racquet brand and model used for test - I currently use the 2012 version of the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus.

Power of test string - I feel this is a powerful poly that gives you an extreme amount of pop. For me in this frame I would string it even higher next time. I had a hard time keeping balls in that would normally hit near the baseline. Its not a bad quality by any means, just not for me as I use a powerful stick and have ample power already. I prefer a dead feeling poly which this is not.

Feel - I think that this is where this string shines. It delivers great feel for touch shots. The softer more responsive poly allows me to have greater control with at the net touch shots.

Spin - spin is good with these strings, but not great. I feel they produce about the same as the original cyclone and feel that the twist does nothing to help. I did feel more spin on backhand drop shots, but I have a feeling the feel of the softer poly gave that illusion.

Comfort - for Poly's, I think that these are right up there with head sonic pro. Very comfy poly right off the bat. I strung another set in my sisters racquet and she loves these strings. They are a great string for those with sore elbows who don't want to leave ploys.

Durability - as with the original, I think they are very durable. As a hard hitter, I experienced no breakage and cut the strings out only after the went dead. Volkl makes some great strings and these are right up there. They very durable for such a soft feeling poly.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time) - the only thing I noticed on playability as the power tammed down once the tension dropped a bit and the strings lost some of the livlyness.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - control was high with these string with a slower stroke. When hit with less pace, I could place the ball where needed. Touch shots were spot on and I loved the string in close at the net. The problem is when I swung away with a normal swing, the pop was too much and balls would tend to sail.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) Due to the extra power I would suggest stringing 5-7 pounds higher. That is is you want them to feel similar to the other ploys you use. If you like the added pop 2-3 higher.

Compare to the string you use most often- I feel it has a lot of the same e characteristics as sonic pro. Even though these are twisted, they have the same feel and playability once the sonic pro has settled in. The volkl hits smooth of the bat, but with a lot Monroe power that sonic pro.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare. - yes, extensively. These do not have the dead feel the of cyclone had. The of cyclone was a great dead poly, but lacks the feel of the new tour. This softer tour will be popular with people who do not generate a lot of power but still like the added bennifit of poly.
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