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I like the Lumia 920, except its music management tool frustrates me. A lot of my songs get thrown into the "Untitled Album, Untitled Artist" category. I'm going to cringe if I actually have to edit the MP3 tags. WP8 (at least the Lumia 920) doesn't come with a standalone file manager. I can drag and drop from my PC, but Microsoft seems to want to make an iTunes-type setup for these phones. Ewwww! I didn't have this problem with any of my Androids. Hmmmm..... If I can figure out a workaround I will let the WP8 users here know.

Looks like my best bet might be to use Windows Media Player and drag files that are to be synced. Ugh! So iTunes-like mentality. At least the music can play without going through iTunes. It just won't get organized. With Android you can drag and drop the music without having to setup a collection. Wake up Microsoft!
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