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In reality, it is even worse. The USTA study estimated it takes around $140000 in total expenses to stay on tour. So unless you are top 100, and more like top 80, you are not making a great living from playing tennis. and you have to stay in the top 80 for years to make it a career. Guys have had great years, reached the top 100, faded the end they will still end up feeding balls to old ladies most likely.
Understood and point taken, you've asserted this many times before. I'm not saying 150 is a good place to be financially for a pro tennis player to stay and banking money their is unlikely in today's world. But 150 is a rough estimate for a place to earn enough prize money and maintain a minimal self-sufficiency. Many factors determine the def. of tennis pro self-suffciency. How much travel and coaching was paid for etc. to get that ranking? Some players do it on a shoestring budget or have family members coaching. At 150 how much money you made in a year depends on how you got your ranking. Was it mostly in the Futures and Challengers? If so your earnings may be on the low side vs. a player who got their playing mostly challegers and tour stops. Doubles winnings is a factor. Did the player play any slams (bigger $$$), was he injured (less $$$) and did he play a full schedule, etc.?

Jack Sock is the current number 150, made $163,009 in 2012. Look at the numbers 149 and 151 players and the earnings are much, much less, likely due to injury. Igor Kusnitsyn ranked 162 made $266,223 in 2012, btw Kusnitsyn travels on his own, no coach.

Not being argumentative, 150 is just a rough number.
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