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the older sets of VS gut from Babolat which was commented as the same as Wilsons as someone posted when Wilsons Nat gut 1st came out it had Babolat touch printed on it, So the older sets of vs the non bt7 that is on the 16g. it lists the max. recommended as 70 lbs, so the 17 g. should be a lower recommended tension, and it does state recommended so you can go to what you want, but just may not like the resulting things that can happen. So the 16g. on the package has recommended tension range of 53-70 lbs.This is 16g. and only a recommended tension range, you can do as you please, its your equipment.

Sampras has VS 17g. strung to 75lbs. mains and crosses, as that was his choice, so you see it can be done, but its your choice if you want to exceed what is recommended.

Below is photo of older package of VS which is same as Wilson but in 16g. and you will see 70 lbs. recommended limit for that g. Sorry I do not have 17g. packs remaining to let you know what that was recommended,but it most li8kely is lower recommendation, but... I have strung up 17g. at 70 lbs before with no issues, as I said this is only recommended guide, you can do as you please like Pete Sampras did.

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