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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Coaching has ALOT to do with it pal. Btw.. How many clay titles has Fed won since Annacone took over? A ton right??

Heck Fed has trouble even beating big slow clumsy bugger ISNER on clay in fact lost to to him. A lot of that is Annacone is not a coach really suited for success on clay.
Federer made the French Open final since Annacone took over, which is more than Sampras EVER managed under anybody. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Federer. Why bring Federer up? Insecure much?

Fact is, Sampras is incompetent on Clay for someone who is supposedly a GOAT-candidate. Actually, he's a total joke.


And yes, it's all Annacone's fault. Maybe Annacone should have played the matches on Clay himself instead of Sampras? I'm betting the results wouldn't have looked too different considering Sampras barely made it past the 1st round, with the top seeding and all
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