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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
First of all, there's no way she's going to win 25 slams at the current stage of her career. Even to reach 10 more slam finals is a stretch, let alone win them all. Second, even if she miraculously managed to win 25 slams there's always be people out there to dispute her goat. See Federer...he holds the record with 17 slams and some people always have unreasonable argument to knock him down. And unlike Serena, Fed owns many significant records, not just the most important one(total slams).

True, she wouldn't be leading in any other stats. The total titles and ranking is out of the question.

No it's not doable at the age of 31. If she was in her early 20s that's another story.
I didn't say there wouldn't be people that would dispute her being goat. Hence I said "personally for me", and I made that quite clear. And I know that Federer leads in many significant stats and I do consider him the greatest (and yes I realize there are still people who dispute his goatness). But since Serena won't reach Federer-like stats anywhere, I stated a hypothetical for her (reaching 25), and that upon reaching that, at least she'd be leading in one objective category (which would help her case for some, obviously not all, compared to where she stands right now).

And I did state that I'm on the side of doubting she will reach 25.
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