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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Actually, I'd quite like to get you started on NFC if you have a moment. It can be unrelated to the iPhone

I'm in the UK, and NFC is far from adopted over here. We're talking miles off. A lot of the scepticism focuses around the fact that the back end is expensive for the retailer to install. I've read a number of articles speculating that bluetooth may be a more likely option, should the consumer decide NFC is required (there are plenty of arguments that it really isn't that much quicker than chip-and-pin).

Assuming you live elsewhere, has it actually become commonplace? And if so, what percentage of shops have the technology in place? (just a rough estimate based on your own experience will do me)
I have the S3, and love it. Have used NFC(google wallet) to pay for a few things, just to try it out. Its cool, but it doesn't really save any time. Its quicker to just swipe my credit card. Most retailers(I'm in the usa) still don't support the format yet. It strikes me as one of those "solutions" to a problem that doesn't really exist. I'm just referring to using NFC to pay for purchases. Can't comment on its other uses, sharing files, etc...
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