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Well, the 16 ga Ashaway Kevlar main broke yesterday; I thought the OGSM cross would be the first to go. It happened during a match with a 5.0 friend who doesn't take it easy on me. I finally got my first games off him (lost 6-2, 6-1 - every other time, he double-bageled me). I had him 40-15 in 3 other games as well but blew it. He mentioned afterwards that my strokes are really continuing to improve, and he notice a big difference even since our last match a month ago.

I noticed the Kevlar was much more useful in this match before it broke in the 2nd set. I was redirecting his pace instead of having to create so much of my own pace when playing slower hitting players. One problem mentioned is happening to me which is Kevlar being hard on the grommets. I have 4 broken grommets now when I had zero with poly and hybrids for several months before this. On a positive, I had zero wrist or shoulder pain for 50+ hours that I used the Kevlar compared to the small pains I was getting playing dead poly. The stringbed was stiff and low powered, but it was definitely not hard on my arm.
Between the broken grommets and lack of power, I'm not sure I will stick with Kevlar. I definitely do not want Kevlar to break my racquets like jolly did, but I will still likely try a thinner gauge Kevlar in the main with a softer poly cross.
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