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Originally Posted by barnes1172 View Post
This occurred to me when I was watching a friend hit with the Wilson K90 6.1. He has very long fast strokes, good extension, and steps into the ball to drive his groundstrokes. He actually has the best strokes of the people I play with and watch locally.

When I play with a tweener type frame, I feel like I cannot let loose on my swings. I am a 4.0 guy.

Can anyone suggest another low-powered racquet that fits in this mold? I am currently using the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300.
I have not read the rest of this thread, so forgive redundancies , the obvious answer is no. As you point out he has long fast strokes and good timing this is the type of player who uses this rkt. Basically ones intrisic talent, practice and fitness giving you the foot work to be set up for the shot allows for the great shot, if you don't posses these attributes then the rkt won't matter. There are many reasons one can hit out beside the racquet. I have said this before if pros and there are many who use PDs APDs etc ,who can hit harder than anybody on these brds,can control the ball what does this say, it says technique, technique matters most. Please don't talk about how their rkts are customized( they are customized to be heavier hence more powerful) but head size, beam thickness are the same. So getting back to the average Joe here a rkt can assist you or compensate for ones deficiencies, picking the right swing weight to allow for best timing is really important
So find the rkt the heaviest that you can swing effectively against equal if not slightly better player and practice practice.
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