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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
^^^was '72 what you consider prime Procul Harum? If so, my report from way back in time/up close & personal in space is a definitive yessiree! Front row @London's Rainbow Theatre got me a fine evening of their best, backed by a full orchestra. The venue was a converted vaudeville house in Finsbury Park and I visited it at least a half dozen times in my six months of "study" in Foggy most memorable show there was The Kinks with Ray Davies totally over the top, lobbing beer can grenades into the crowd!
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Stringertom, I saw the thread title: "wished I could've seen." Would've put The Kinks up there as well: Carnegie Hall, NYC during an April snowstorm years back, Davies in rare 'beer crowd soaking' form esp. during the song "Alcohol" (Lindsenfarne opened).

Most memorable shows/spectacles:

#2. The Tubes, Paladium (old Academy of Music), 14th st,nyc: This was back in the day when The Tubes had a full 20-odd complement of 'artists & freaks' on stage with them. This SF band put on a "full-cast" show that was almost 20 years before the ultra-calculating Madonna *cough* suckered sappy wuss critics into hailing her as some "pushing the envelope" trailblazer. Please...Rae Styles and Fee Waybill (as Quay Lewd) had her 'Vegas-styled' show beat by almost 20 years.

#1. The Plasmatics, Pier 62-Hudson River, Manhattan: NYC-based punk band announced a free concert to promote upcoming LP "New Hope for the Wretched" and promised a 'spectacle' - all the TV stations covered this - band backed up the claim: insane, awesome spectacle. This shockpunk outfit btw, could play. Good show band started by a Yale University grad, Rod Swenson and the late Wendy O. Williams.

Plasmatics arrive by helicopter onto pier, go into a quick set (stage/equipment set up against the edge of the pier/river). Then "showtime" - singer Wendy O. Williams (r.i.p.) runs down the pier, gets into a Cadillac with no brakes, revs it up and takes off down the pier towards the stage which is loaded with explosives. Car's going about 30 mph, Williams at the last minute jumps out of the Caddy which goes barreling into the stage: KA-BOOM!!...huge explosion!...stage, props, speaker towers, etc. all go up in a huge fireball and crash into the river in a twisted metal mess. Thousands jammed on the pier and rooftops go dusts themselves off and are whisked away in an ambulance. Tom, please check this out (I'll save you the 15 min. of this clip--scroll to times listed):

4:30-6:45 Arrival & Intro

12:45: "Showtime!!"

14:43: (shhhh!!!..) omg-YEAH BABY!!!!
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