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Originally Posted by WileyCoyote View Post

No offense, but I do not read the Babolat labelling the same way you do. For me, they are using the same basic envelope/pouch for 1.35mm/15L gut and 1.30mm/16 gut.

The way I read their recommended tensions, 53 lbs is the max for 16ga and 70 lbs is the max for 15L ga.

Am I wrong? This seems way low, but that is what the information on the package says to me. And like you, I string above these tensions, but when you read the label this way, what does Babolat mean?

What is actually in the package is printed below these suggested tensions, and the particular package you took the photo of was 1.30/16 ga.

Thanks for your viewpoint; I have always enjoyed reading your answers.

Evidently we each read this differently, as the 15L and 16 g. both lines from each gauge join together and both go to the range of 53-70 for recommended range, where 53 is recommended low and 70 recommended high. I cannot imagine 53 for max. for 16g. a if so I have been stringing a massive amount of their gut well over the range which I am sure is not as such.

If you look at the picture a common line joins both the 15L and the 16 and that goes to the range listed, as that tells me it is the same for both the 15L and 16g. The photo was from a set of the 1.30/ 16g. before the BT7 came out, as I stocked up on a good amount of it when they were changing the way it was made.

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