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Been lurking for some time...finally able to get on here after a little difficulty.

I have read some posts on McEnroe, and while most are realistic, there are some that are simply delusional. I don't think any of those people understand the level the man played at, and still plays at. There seems to be two arguments against Mac that I hear.

1. He's too old

2. He doesn't hit with enough pace, so a 5.5 could beat him(or something like that).

Here's something to chew on. I have seen him play in person once...the exo with Sock at the SAP in San Jose. While it was an exo, you can still see the difference between him and a 5.5 or a 6.0. Pace doesn't bother him an ounce, his hands are as soft as anyone you'll ever see, and the angles on his shots cause anyone fits. This isn't just someone acting like a Dustin Brown or Alex Dolgopolov playing seek and destroy with a forehand. It's spin, angle, timing, footwork, court coverage, everything that makes him that much different from a 5.5 or 6.0. My guess is that he could hit at a 3.0s pace and still win 1 and 1. Any harder and it's a double bagel.
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