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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I'd like to know how this is going to be applied in a practical by the umpires.

Just say a player has been over the 25 second rule a couple of times just as they start their serve. The umpire isn't going to call out during their serve so does he, before the next point, call the violation? Or will they wait until someone is at 27 or 28 seconds before a serve to call it right there and then.

It's going to be a nightmare imo... some players are going to go ape if it happens just before a break point etc.
The umpires won't stop a player in ther service motion. If they haven't started their motion by 26-28 seconds, it will be called.

Also, keep in mind what I said earlier that its impossible to start the clock exactly when the point ends, because the chair umpire has the clock, which starts when he enters the point in te PDA. There is a 1-3 second delay, especially if it looks like a player may commit a code violation, or has a question.
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