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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
It's always enjoyable whenever there is a key match between Ferrer and Berdych or Ferrer and Del Petro, and 90% of people here have already penciled one of the 6'5ers in for the next round. Then Ferrer proceeds to slaughter them in straights.
yeah it's amazing how he owns the tall hard hitters.

DP, Sod, tsonga and berdych all have **** poor records against that little man despite their 135 mph serves and 100 mph FHs.

ferrer has trouble against the guys who canhit relatively hard AND move well like the big 4 (minus murray who matches up relatively even with ferrer although I think now that he is hitting his prime he will hold the advantage) since even if he makes them run they are able to counter even stronger.#

guys like tsonga or DP can hit 100 mph FHs easily but if they are forced to run they either lose power or accuracy (they have to take something off or it is UE galore).
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