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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Presumably, manufacturers would have their shoes undergo rigorous testing
to ensure that soles can outlast the 6 month warranty, even for someone playing seven days a week.

But yet I see many posts claiming to have worn them out and getting a new pair.

How often does this happen? Any stats on what percentage of claims are accepted, typical # of hours used, etc??
there are so many aspects so it will be very hard to get accurate info.
we only can guess the info.

Habits (Drag foot), individual wear patterns and weight of players might contribute big factors.

if anyone exposes midsole (form), the shoes will be 100% qualified by the warranty.

I could worn out CB 1.3-2.3 about 3 months and Barricade 5-6 within 9-10 weeks. I gain some weight nowadays and CB 3.3-4.3 last only 8-10 weeks.
also CB 4.3 is worst case for me. back of Air max start to crack (Never happened any nike air before). If I calculate into hrs, Probably 120-145 hrs.

In this forum, there are many people claim warranties because many of TW members are diehard fans of Tennis and play regularly.
I guess warranty claims might be less than 30% for entire tennis shoe sales. Probably the warranty claim rate might be over 70% from TW members haha.

this thread might help your questions.
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