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Originally Posted by cristiano View Post
Anyway Joyce played all three players just twice. And versus Agassi he barely won a couple of games , more or less.

Anyway Rios was very talented. Also other players can be judged more talented than the overall better two. Korda, for example. Maybe not, maybe yes, not a big deal.

But I do not think that playing twice with them will tell you more than watching then playing 500 matches.

Exactly Cristiano, Rios was so talented he actually invented a new shot for tennis. How many players have done that? Agassi and Sampras played tennis more like machines while Rios was an artist.

Joyce's perspective and opinions about Rios are as credible and valuable as any. And he's not the only player to suggest Rios was the most talented, also in the book Florent Serra said while he was playing Rios he was actually trying to watch him play at the same time because he was so impressed by his talent. I doubt anyone ever said that about Agassi or Sampras. And Serra played Rios in the very last pro event he ever played.
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