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No offense, but if it was a bad one, you won't be playing in 1 week. You will need a minimum of 3-4 weeks if you push it and then you'll be playing with some limited mobility and/or slight pain and you'll be wearing a brace on it. If you look at your ankle, you will have a swelling part that will not match in circumference to your other ankle. That will not go away for about 6 or so months, especially if you play on it before it's fully healed. People and doctors will say 6 weeks to be off of it, but it's tough if you're a daily player like I am. Bottom line, be prepared to pull your hair out because you can't go play.

It's happened to me twice and both times was my left ankle. First time was 2 days before having to go to state. Ended up doping up on ibuprofen and taping it and just playing on it. Second time was more severe and was in a soft cast/brace for a couple of weeks and off of it for 4 or so weeks (i.e. no tennis). I was off of it for 1 week easy (no driving cuz I drive stick). After 4-5 weeks, I started playing again with a brace on both sides just to be safe. After 6 months I have full mobility in it again, but I don't trust it without my braces. I'll be wearing them from now on no matter what. ASO EVOs to the rescue.

Hope you get better.
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