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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
Yeah, absolutely stunning! Probably one of my favorites lookwise, and it doesn't play too shabby either... The Pro Ceramic and Pro Cynetic share the same mould, so the difference is in the layup. I haven't played the Cynetic, but I think it's a tad more heavy and possibly a few rdc points flexier. I guess I have to get one and check it out for myself...

Here are the specs for the Pro Ceramic:

Weight: 350 g/12.35 oz
Flex: 59
SW: 352
Balance: 33 cm/4 points HL
Nice Dino,thank you so much, your pics are greet as always. i've just found the specs of the Pro Cynetic, here you go:
Volkl Tour 10 Generation 1 Midplus. 353 gr, balance 32 cm, flex 62, SW 331
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