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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
No offense, but if it was a bad one, you won't be playing in 1 week. You will need a minimum of 3-4 weeks if you push it and then you'll be playing with some limited mobility and/or slight pain and you'll be wearing a brace on it. If you look at your ankle, you will have a swelling part that will not match in circumference to your other ankle. That will not go away for about 6 or so months, especially if you play on it before it's fully healed. People and doctors will say 6 weeks to be off of it, but it's tough if you're a daily player like I am. Bottom line, be prepared to pull your hair out because you can't go play.

It's happened to me twice and both times was my left ankle. First time was 2 days before having to go to state. Ended up doping up on ibuprofen and taping it and just playing on it. Second time was more severe and was in a soft cast/brace for a couple of weeks and off of it for 4 or so weeks (i.e. no tennis). I was off of it for 1 week easy (no driving cuz I drive stick). After 4-5 weeks, I started playing again with a brace on both sides just to be safe. After 6 months I have full mobility in it again, but I don't trust it without my braces. I'll be wearing them from now on no matter what. ASO EVOs to the rescue.

Hope you get better.
Agreed, and you don't want to reinjure it.

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