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On the surface your assumption would appear to be correct. But, it's a little more complicated for that with Donald. And we only know what we read and hear through rumor. It started with the wildcard debacle when he went 0-8 or whatever and his (parents) resistance to start at the Futures and work his way up the ranks. The obvious is his parents being the helicopter coaches and resistance to outside coaching. Hindsight is 20/20. Singling him out is a little unfair, but this is the internet and he's a public figure, so judgment is easy. This just scratches the surface of what shoulda, coulda, woulda for Donald.

If college is the perfect answer, explain Brian Baker. Yea, he went to college during his injury phases, but did not play college tennis.
Ya, there's a lot more behind DY's story and blaming the parents was a nice USTA cover for a legal predicament that was better left under the rug. But I say leave the kid alone, he gave it a shot.
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