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Originally Posted by SandV View Post
Through USO '12, Ryan used a Babolat pro frame that copied the specs of the Wilson [K] Six.One 95, 18x20. After t the USO, he switched to a Bab pro frame 98 sq., 18x20. He has 10 grams of lead at 12 o'clock. Don't know any more of the specs.
Harry has been using the Pure Storm Limited (and it's previous incarnations) since we was at least 14. no secret Babolat had been pushing gently to get him to switch to another stick....this late fall he started using a Pure Strom Tour spec'd out to him (similar to his PSLtd setup). It will be interesting to see if the 98 will help him.

His string set up with the PSLtd's was Pro Hurricane Tour/VS Gut both 16L at 58 to 60lbs depending on court conditions - I'm sure that has been adjusted a bit with the switch to the Storm Tour.

Christian Harrison was also testing an all black Babolat frame a few months ago as well but went with the Pure Drive.
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