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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I know nothing about cars, but have some questions for those who do: which is faster, a 1967 XKE convertible in excellent condition or a 2012 Camaro? Are they similar in performance, or vastly different? Assume typical engines in each, so whatever they come with (nothing souped up). Which handles better? What would happen if a 67 Jaguar was trying to chase down a Camaro through suburban streets?

And how much might a 1967 Jaguar in excellent condition cost?

Bonus question: which is faster, new Dodge Challenger or new Camaro?

Please refrain from too much car mumbo-jumbo in your answers. Remember, I am not a car guy.
If I could keep the damn thing running the 67 Jag is the one to have......greatest looking baby ever (my god and if it came with a 1967 Diana Rigg)

That said a 2012 Camaro would blow the doors off the Jag - Jag had a top speed of maybe 140mph and the current Camaro's have built in limiters keeping the top speed at 155mph.......but folks in car mags have tested them without the electronic limitations and made 175mph easy. That's with the SS package and 426hp v8........I'm sure the ZL1 Camaro with the 580hp engine could hit 200mph +
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