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Jim A
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Default Demo Time!

Looks like I will finally retire my Speedport Tour's after a few good years and have started the demo process. I plan on tracking my progress in this thread.

Picked out 4 from TW that I can't necessarily find locally here in Denver and they'll be here sometime tomorrow.

1. Donnay P1 16*19
2. Technifibre TFlash 315 Speedflex
3. Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT (2011?)
4. Donnay Formula 100

Interested to see how the P1 and TFlash play as they are closest in spec although it looks like nothing will be as head light as the Speedport was (7pts) which I liked.

The PDR/Formula are strictly guilty pleasures as I expect them to be pretty easy to generate power off the forehand.

Already demo'd the Warrior 100/Rebel 98 and Tour from Prince - the Tour is a touch thin for me in the beam and the Rebel is whippy, same reason I never liked the MG Radical. I'm not much of a customizer or I'd mess around a little more with the Warrior, just too light.
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