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Gauge of playtest string -- 16g
Tension used for playtest -- 55lbs
Regular string set up -- Luxilon Alu Power fullbed 52lbs
Racquet brand and model used for test -- Dunlop F 3.0 Tour
Power of test string -- The Cyclone tour has some nice pop. Once I broke them in and hit for an hour or so, the ball flew off my stringbed with great pace. As opposed to my usual Lux strings, these felt much more lively. I adapted to them pretty smoothly, but others might find the liveliness overbearing.
Feel -- When I was hitting, I was reminded of a hybrid I once used of Technifibre Red Code with X-One Biphase in the crosses. The plush feel is there, but the solidity of the polyester was also evident. So, with its enhanced softness, I have to say this polyester practically feels like a hybrid.
Spin -- Spin is ample. Not as potent as the RPM Blast, but more capable of producing spin than Alu Power (but perhaps not Alu Power Rough). So the ball's not going to dip dramatically on every shot, but while these strings are fresh, they offer sufficient spin.
Comfort -- The softness of the strings surely enhance the comfort, because I felt no arm issues or discomfort on my shots at any time. Very satisfactory.
Durability -- I've played at least ten sets with these strings, which roughly translates to four hundred minutes (forty minute sets were about the average), or nearly 7 hours. I played a set earlier today and they show zero signs of breaking. Extremely durable, so zero complaints in this department.
Playability Duration -- Like I mentioned, I played a set earlier and though the tension dropped significantly, they were playable enough for me to win 6-0. Actually, I just remembered I played another set after that too, and won 6-0. The spin potential began fading around the fifth set, and the balls started shooting off the stringbed a little too much around the fifth hour. But that's to be expected with a polyester.
Control -- Good control. Not as good as the Alu Power, but very, very close in terms of control.
Tension recommendations -- I recommend 54-56lbs. It worked very well for me at 55lbs!
Compare to the string you use most often -- This provides more spin, better feel and comfort, and more pop than Luxilon Alu Power, but it isn't quite as good in terms of control and playability duration. And probably durability as well, though that's hardly a problem.
If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare -- Ok, so it took my a while to decide which I like better, but I have to say the original is just slightly better. BUT!!! That's because of the racquet I'm using. My Dunlop F3.0 Tour offers plenty of pop on its own, so when paired with the Cyclone Tour, I was hitting a few more shots long. Also, the spin potential wasn't quite as good as the regular Cyclone, so I'll probably go back to black, but I have zero regrets giving these strings a go. In fact, I still have two more sets of them and I look forward to using the fresh sets.
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