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I've seen a lot of Oscar's stuff, videos, books, posts etc. I think I understand the main points well. I don't think his approach accurately describes pro tennis and isn't conducive to good tennis at all levels.

So far as I am concerned you can say the same about my beliefs. I can certainly agree to disagree. But that seems to be the problem. Unlike other coaches with whom I have discussed and debated, there is an insistence that a revolution is necessary promlugating this system, that other coaches aren't producing results, and the reason is they don't teach mtm. And then there are the claims of influence that have been challenged in some cases by the very people who were supposedly influenced.

That's different than just saying here is what I think and I think it's good. Coaching isn't a matter of orthodoxy and this is why you guys run into so much conflict on this board as well as in the larger coaching community.

No one has a monopoly on truth and the best coaches are always learning and evolving. That's what I aspire to myself and have dedicated my work to achieving. If I were you guys I'd be all over the high speed archives testing my theories against the actual reality of the pro game.
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