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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
What type of tennis shoes are best? I have tried tennis shoes with higher heels but don't feel they give any more support. The lower heel shoes feel more comfortable.
I had the same issue with my heel. I found out I had a bone 'bump" at the back of my heel. Probably caused by my style of work boots I've worn for 36 years. I switched to a different boot for barn use. That seems to hit the area just enough to cause the inflammation to be unbearable. It caused the achilles pain. I use Nike shoes with a lower heels to them. Also, the had me buy a gel stocking to wear. It is like a half footie with gel on the back part of the heel and goes up to protect the achilles area. You wear it under your sock. It worked after a month of wearing it all the time I was wearing any type of shoe. I have had no pain since I did that. I thought I was going to have to give up tennis it hurt so badly. Dragging my foot around and limping constantly. I tried the ice/rest/Motrin without success. That's when I went to the ortho physician and he did x-rays. He felt the bump at the back of my foot but he wanted to see just if that was the only issue. If that sock didn't work he would have to open the heel area up and grind that heel bump off. Ouch!!
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