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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
Agassi had deceptive power. He wouldn't look like he was taking a big swing and hit a 95 mph forehand up the line. This is Ferrer's biggest weakness, in my eyes. He doesn't hit the up the line shots well enough, and doesn't hit through the court enough to be like an Agassi.

Look at Davydenko. Yes he was boring to an extent as well, but when playing well could hit every groundstroke in the book with pace and precision.
I don't think Davy was boring watch. At his best, he took the ball early and crushed it. Davy was way more offensive in his prime. Ferrer can hit great angles and redirect the ball at will he doesn't have a ton of his pace with his compact strokes. He can be kind of boring to watch if he is just defending and waiting for error. However, he can and does play aggressively when he can. I just question how Ferru can continue to grind out matches week after week without ever getting injured. Is the guy on roids? Ferru probably enters more tournaments anyone else in the top 20.
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