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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post

I've seen a lot of Oscar's stuff, videos, books, posts etc. I think I understand
the main points well. I don't think his approach accurately describes pro tennis
and isn't conducive to good tennis at all levels.

Coaching isn't a matter of orthodoxy and this is why you guys run into so much
conflict on this board as well as in the larger coaching community.
I appreciate the nice tone of this post and there is a lot of good stuff to discuss here.
I agree you are familiar with MTM, but that is not the same as functioning
knowledge. Each comment you make about it shows you don't have that.
I'm quite familiar with many aircraft, but not allowed to
fly them without approved training and demonstrating a working useful
knowledge of them. I can't come from outside and say those aircraft don't fly right
when they are working well for others. It's on me if I can't fly them up to
standards. I can only say from what I know of them, they are not for me.
Just like some jets, I have many hours in both MTM and Classic, with both of them
working well as a player and instructor. Even though I probably have 3 times
the hours in classic, Modern comes way more natural and functional in my

Now I'm not saying you are classic, since you have clearly evolved quite a
bit from your early classic days; so I'm not putting what you do now in any
kind of box to comment on. I expect it would be a moving target anyway,
due your constant study and evolution. I don't presume to make bold statements
about what you are doing now and don't think you should do it with MTM for
the same reason.

Traditional coaching has very much been about orthodoxy over the years, and
that is what we are working to change. MTM just offers a basic & general
approach to strokes with tons of room for individual style.
MTM Instructor
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