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This is an addition to my previous post.

Got to hit with BHB7 again for another 1.5 hour hitting session. These strings don't feel that boardy at first like some people said. But they do feel really springy. I didn't really get the proper warm up I needed to hit. But the strings still had a lot of spin. I felt like I had to really swing fast through the ball to maximize spin. There was a good amount of power. I felt like I got a lot of directional control as well as I was able to hit some crazy angles with these strings.

One thing I noticed was the strings didn't really feel that consistent. I could hit the ball the same way over and over again and at least once it would feel different. I don't really know how to explain it.

I was feeling the strings and noticed that the edges may have already started wearing off in the area around the sweetspot. This is a common problem I have with shaped strings.

Great strings. Hopefully next time I'll bump up the tension a little bit (maybe 55#). I'm testing out Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 next so if you want I can share you some of my experiences.

I hope my review helps Francis!
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