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Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
I've had the same problem for almost 6 months now. During the summer, I kept playing through the pain, and only made it worse and delayed the recovery.
I have not played for 3 month now due to the weather, and only now my foot feels like is starting to come back to a normal pain free state. I will not play for another 4 months, hopefully I'll recover fully by summer.

I also tried every insole I could find, and most of them did not help much. Many of them actually made it worse. The only two insoles that helped somewhat were one that had a ridiculous amount of foam cushioning, and a second one that had an adjustable arch strike point.
Dress leather shoes with hard outsoles and poor arch support are also a big no-no.
Well, it doesn't affect my performance at all. Like I said in a post earlier, I have not lost any explosiveness/stamina, and it actually doesn't bother me when I play.

It's when I shut it down for the day, that's when the pain creeps up on. Maybe it has something to do with my recent extended use of shoes with a small heel?

Regardless, I've decided to rest for a few weeks. December has been a wash weather wise. I'll take January off to sort of cleanse the mind too. I do get the sense that if I don't rest it, it will eventually eat into my explosiveness.

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