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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
would you like to see that only in the pro game, or with patzers(sorry, borrowed that expression from another post of yours) like ourselves as well
To answer your question, I learned to play with a 65 sq. in. wooden racquet. Served about 20 mph faster (about 105 mph) than I'm now able to with modern racquet (about 85 mph average). More reliable shots, etc. Much higher competitive level in those days. But I was 27 years old then. Didn't play for about 37 years. 37 years! Now I'm 65. Just got back into tennis this year. Big difference from the old game. Different game. But it truly is a game for life, I think. Am adjusting to the newer racquets. My hope is to get back to at least a solid 3.5 level of play.
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