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Tennis isn't going retro. Think more tech, not less.

Tennis in 2033 will be a high tech form of singles-paddle, so the NanoSurfice(TM) courts will be surrounded by clear walls, with an extra high ceiling that drops down in 5th set tie breaks. The players will be team-owned* purposefully genetically engineered humans, supported with a myriad of performance enhancing drugs and bio-technology.

More tech all round, sensors / data measuring every player/projectile (balls discontinued since 2025) movement and conditions, all streamed to chips in spectators' frontal lobs, if they have subscriptions. For a premium subscription fee viewers will have emotioVision which will allow you to sense what your chosen avatar/player feels, every hit, the joy of every winner, the agony of every error, every drop of sweat, every tug of the rear-end of the shorts, every grunt and every injury!

The masses of spectators globally will get to 'vote' on playing conditions before every set by using a pay-per-vote icon on their iGooSung headsets: how responsive the projectile is to hits and what the wall and ground surfaces are like, what kind of weather conditions are simulated in the arena. Nanotechnology will allow dynamically changing surfaces between sets and randomly changing surfaces during 5th set tie breaks.

The highest bidding fans will end up controlling the human player avatars like that Gamer movie.

* Global Trade Law allows teams to own genetically engineered humans for their first 25 years of post birth as they are deemed the intellectual property of the team and are protected under copyright. Non-genetically engineered players, often but not exclusively from the frontier world (i.e. former developing world), are not allowed to compete under GTO (Global Tennis Organisation) sanctioned tournaments as their parents wouldn't have been able to afford to buy the 'right' gene combination deamed by regulations to be 'tennis-player'. These so called 'Non-Regs' are often bought by the corporate teams to be used as training partners for Gene-Approved players.

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