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Originally Posted by rb__11 View Post
if anyone could tell me what could have caused this, i would appreciate...
Dude, after using for so long an arm friendly Prince EXO, I could not switch to using using my Prestige mid Youtek with polyester strings without developing an elbow injury that would nag me for six months. I could not figure out why suddenly my elbow was perpetually sore until I restrung the Prestige finally not with another poly but with a simple tourney nylon. After that, it has played like heaven in my hands--but I swear to you, these newer Prestiges when combined with poly (yes, I used to own a Prestige Pro as well) were very unfriendly to my elbow, which was strange because I could not recall ever before experiencing that type of injury...So, I would recommend strongly that you either listen to what Charliefederer said, or get yourself away from the polys immediately (and after all, polys are such a pain in the arse because they are playable for just a fews hours of hitting, and then they sort of shade--properties wise--into becoming actually dangerous to your health, and so, they are nothing to me anymore but a huge pain in the arse, because nobody who plays only for exercise and fun wants to have to restring so frequently); even if I own a stringer a have half an unused reel of poly I don't want that crap infecting my arm anymore.

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