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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
guys so how do you prevent sprained ankle? any tips?
Sprains are the result of unfortunate circumstances, such as jumping to spike a volleyball and landing of a team-mate's foot. Stepping in a hole in the outfield while running down a fly ball. Catching the edge of your shoe on a new sticky gym floor, thus rolling over your ankle. Yes, all of these happened to me.

If you are really worried about getting a sprain, all you can really do is wear a light brace but that doesn't guarantee anything at all. You can't really consider a brace protective equipment. The unfortunate thing about severe sprains is that you never really fully recover from them. The ankle will stay "loose" and be more suceptible to sprains moving forward. I wore a brace for a full year after the ankle had healed just for peace of mind. It is still loose and I know it is not as stable as it used to be. I just live with it. Every now and then I will slightly roll it at times when I think it shouldn't give and say, "man, that was close."

I guess I am trying to say there is no way to prevent a sprain aside from not putting yourself in situations where it could happen. It all depends on circumstances and the fitness of your ankles. You could try braces as a preventative measure, but who wants to spend all that time gearing up for a sport? Not me.

I never wanted to be one of those bionic players who has a knee brace, an elbow brace, etc. just to play a sport.
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