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Default Lopez had no reason to complain

Lopez was up a break in first set against Kubot, then gets his second time violation of the match, then complains to the umpire and director for a few minutes, then goes on to lose his serve, the momentum, the set, and the match.

I think Lopez had no reason to complain. In the time allotted between points, there really is only adequate time for 2 habits, not 3. For example, if you want time to 1) towel off and 2) fix your hair, then there is probably not enough time to also 3) pick underwear from your butt. =-)

Even after being warned once earlier, Lopez chose to 1) walk in slow motion, 2) examine all 6 balls, and 3) bounce a ball several times. I think that players should stop thinking that they are entitled to all the habits they want. I also think they should stop thinking that bouncing a ball is part of the service motion.

In fact, I think they should impose some kind of limit on errant tosses. Maybe allow only one per set, then subject any subsequent errant tosses to the given time constraint?
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