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Default Please HELP: Is this a pro staff classic 95 with a Tour 95 paint job?

I attempted to buy a matching Pro Staff Tour 95 to use as my back up. I bought one on the Bay and when i received it realized it felt different. the frame was not rounded on the edges at all, rather it had sharp edges (box beam ??) In general it felt stiffer, less user friendly.

Other small differences i noticed were in the paint job. it was missing the silver script 'Wilson' on the throat. Instead it has a 'double braid' logo in its place.

I originally assumed its just a different model year but when i started researching it (and was directed to this forum a lot) i saw that in '04 wilson made some classic PS 95's with tour paint jobs.

Is there someone on here who can look at some photos and verify what the heck i bought?

Thanks in advance ... I don't know how to attach photos but i can easily email them around if need be.
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