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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I took some serves yesterday for the first time in 10 months since my 4th shoulder surgery. Got my lefty and righty serves working well and no pain or soreness during or the day after. I had a full rom plus when I decelerate I still had no pain and my arm took a natural path. So my service motion was not changed aleast from my point of view. I will have my gf shoot some video and compared it to presurgery to see if their is any difference?
PS: got my free weight bench to 245 for 15 reps. First time benching with freeweights since before my first shoulder surgery back in 1996.
Have you seen the Todd Ellenbecker video on shoulders, impingement, serving and other issues?

From another thread -

"In my interpretation of the Ellenbecker video the issue involves putting the ball of the humerus and attached tissue (suprispinatus tendon, bursa sack?...) in a more confined space under the acromion and then doing the very violent and perhaps sometimes wobbly internal shoulder rotation as shown in this serve video.

The space under the acromion is more confined if the upper arm is high.

Acromion illustrations


Good luck.
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