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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
Is it marketing BS? Or is it that consumers can't perceive changes?

Hypercarbon/Graphite Xtreme - super stiff, super strong graphite. Allows rackets beams to get thinner while maintaining strength. Reduced chances of strings caving in.

BLX - Its dampening effect is night and day.

Port grommets - sweetspot is HUGE!!!

Cortex - allows a racquet to break faster than expected.

Karophite Black - guaranteed to give you tennis elbow in a month or your money back

Low friction grommets/rounded ends - lets the strings slide with reduced chances of string breakage

...the list goes on and on......
Does any of this improve your win/loss record?

Golf clubs have also made big strides in technological improvements over the past 20 years, BUT i don't think handicaps have been reduced to any meaningful extent.

The tennis racket manufacturers make tiny improvements to their rackets, but their main goal is to sell more rackets by differentiating themselves, not make you win more games.
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