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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Have you seen the Todd Ellenbecker video on shoulders, impingement, serving and other issues?

From another thread -

"In my interpretation of the Ellenbecker video the issue involves putting the ball of the humerus and attached tissue (suprispinatus tendon, bursa sack?...) in a more confined space under the acromion and then doing the very violent and perhaps sometimes wobbly internal shoulder rotation as shown in this serve video.

The space under the acromion is more confined if the upper arm is high.

Acromion illustrations


Good luck.
Nah, I wrecked my right shoulder from ice hockey ie(impact) checking without wearing my shoulder pads in practice. I ripped the tendon right off the bone talk about 72 hrs of pure pain!! I wrecked my left shoulder from 12 hrs a week of clay court tennis. Plus my acromion is a type 3 so there was never alot of room to start with.
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