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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Of course Laver would have won a 69 hard court slam. He won the top hard court tournament of that year (and the top indoor event as well). Laver won over 30 events on hard even though it wasn't a big surface in his era.

Apparently Johannsburg hard court had a 64 draw that included great players such as Laver, Emerson, Drysdale, Gimeno, Gonzalez, Stolle, Roche, Richey, Ralston, Okker, and McMillan. Rod Laver won the final over Tom Okker 6-3 10-8 6-3.
But federer won a streak of small indoor titles and worldtourfinals2011, but didn't win a hard-court slam (AustralianOpen2011 or USOpen2011). How likely is it that Laver would have won a hard-court slam?
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